Commerce House is…

  • a place of business.

    It says so right in our name. We did that on purpose — to remind ourselves that we’re here to help our clients get things done. How we do it depends on the situation. And, of course, each client’s desired outcome is different. But one thing is certain: we’re here to work, to perform, and to produce results.

  • a big boutique.

    We’re not a huge, multi-layered subsidiary of some global conglomerate. At the same time, we’re not some “virtual agency” pretending to be more than we are. Instead, we’re an actual brick-and-mortar operation with a dedicated staff and a ton of partnerships. So you get sophisticated brand building and creative in an intimate, client-centered environment.

  • about opening doors.

    Perhaps the most valuable thing we offer is access. Access to C-level account management and strategy. Access to experienced creative talent that’s simply unavailable to most small and medium businesses. And access to a network of smart, nimble people waiting to approach your brand from a completely different angle.

  • home to great ideas.

    We’ve built a place where people are encouraged to do what they do best — solve business challenges in effective and imaginative ways. We’re less interested in where the ideas come from, as long as they work.

  • easy to work with.

    Since we believe in commerce, it makes sense that we do everything we can to make it simple. So, simply put, we don’t bog things down. Period. That means straightforward fees, straight-shooting advice, creative and account service devoid of layers, and ultimate accountability to your message and your mission.

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